Thursday, September 29, 2011

Will Power

It is often a battle of will power in our house, and I have one little boy that has some amazing will power let me tell you!
We try to inforce the "one bite rule", insisting that they have to try everything on their plate or have at least "one bite" before they get down to play again. Eli is currently going through a phase that he doesn't like any food, and therefore the one bite... well, he just wont do it. He'll sit at the table, with a pout on refusing to eat, pushing his plate away forever!
It's really quite amazing how long he'll sit there just to get his way... he gets that from his mama!
I know this is something they all go through so I try not to worry crazy amounts that he eats pretty much nothing all day, but I do find it super frustrating, making him lunch for him to refuse eating it.
What are some constant battles in your house?

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