Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Fabric Stash

I love fabric.
I love looking at it, I love touching it, but most of all I love buying it!!
The hubbs doesn't quite understand my enjoyment of fabric purchases, but I like to compare it to his love of football. It doesn't have to make sense, it just is, so accept it and move on...

When we were in Ontario, in July, I spent so much time in fabric stores. Whenever I was able to muster up child care for the boys I drove like a fool to the fabric stores and spent hours in them, fingering through every wonderful bolt they had!
Truth be told, I may have gotten a little carried away...
It's a problem I have when fabric shopping... no self control...

I bought a lot, but I have plans for every inch of fabric, I didn't buy for the sake of buying... well except for this stuff, but just look at it!
And it's super soft and cuddly like... ah, just looking at it makes me smile like a fool!

I plan to make the boys quilts at some point during their childhood so it only made sense to buy the fabric the second I made my decision that a quilt was in their future.
Eli's fabric is made up of cars, trains, planes and other locomotives. He likes that kind of thing.
When I found the Thomas the Train fabric I think I actually screeched in delight! It was a semi embarrassing scene, complete with a happy dance...

Zac is super into superhero's. This morning he informed me that he has changed his name to Superman actually... so I made it a personal mission to find him superhero fabric and I succeeded!
I can't wait to get at all this fabric and wear my poor sewing machine out.
Bertha and I have actually spent very little time together since I've been home and I think she's getting a little annoyed with me. Perhaps I'll plan a date for later this week. I think she'd like that...

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