Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Blog?

Why do I blog... it's a question I've been asked a couple of times.
My reason is a pretty simple one.
I blog to remember and find the positives in everyday.

My mister's job has moved us far from family into a community that is about 94% smaller (yah, I totally did the math!) then where we are from. We moved from a place that is incredibly busy and full of malls and box stores to a place with fewer then 20 stores.
The first year after our big move I was pregnant with my second baby, had a little guy who just turned 1, and was living in an area much smaller then I was used to with little support. I was feeling emotional, bored, lonely and straight up negative. I would see the down side to a beautiful day and would dwell on the one thing that went wrong in the last 24 hours. I was not a nice person to be around. I was not happy with myself, as a wife and a mother; and I was horrified to think of all that I was missing in my boys lives as I was on a personal quest to be miserable.

I decided things needed to change.
I bought a journal and I wrote one thing everyday that made me smile. This worked well for the first couple of days however I was very stuck in my spiral of negativity and being accountable to only myself was not enough to keep me motivated. That's when I decided to start a blog.

Something about writing something and publishing it for the world to see made me feel obligated to push to be the person I wanted to be. I also loved that I could journal with pictures this way.
My blog has since become a place I share things that happen in my life and my boys lives, crafting projects I'm excited about and baked goodies I simply can't get enough of. It's a bit of a hodge-podge of everything but all in all can be summarized as things I love and things that make me smile.

Since starting this blog and becoming accountable to my invisible audience I have become more of myself again. I laugh more then I did, I play more then I was and I love in a way that I am proud of.

So... that's why I blog!

Thanks for reading along my invisible buddy!
I hope I make you smile every now and then too.

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