Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amazing Puffer Energy!

I've been having troubles breathing lately... no biggie, just like I can't get in enough air all the time.
I went to see a dr tonight, because it's suuuuper annoying, he wasn't too concerned though... I think he thought I was making it up actually. Luckily the nurse who was working said she once had the same thing and the best they could guess was that it was some sort of muscle strain... so I'm going with that...
I do work awfully hard you know; it only makes sense I would pull an invisable muscle causing me to imagine shortness of breath.
Short story shorter... they sent me home with a puffer...

Now, I know nothing about medicine and puffers and what not and really thought it was safe to take it before bed, but hokey tater tots friends, I could not have been more wrong!

I am sitting here shaking like I'm on my 5th cup of espresso, ready to run a marathon and the best part? I still can't breath!!
Luckily I'm smiling though.
Want to know why I'm smiling?
You totally do, I know you...
I was just on fabric.com and found some wonderful stuff... you should go look. Type "retro" in the search and you will find the most swoon worthy patterns ever... EVER!
You know what, just click here, I did all the work for you with my aaaaamazing puffer energy.

...I wonder how long this craziness will last...
seriously... I'm practically vibrating off my chair...

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